Gone to Print

As of this morning, everybody who needed to approve things that needed approving have approved them – and The Hand of Yemanja has gone to print!

This morning I went running, as I have done often before. Technically, sure, I covered distance; moving is obviously a process. But sometimes, as it was today, it isn’t the process that’s felt but the arrival, the conclusion of effort; not the contemplation of a jump but the landing itself.

Writing is travel, for me at least. It is waking at an ungodly hour to pack a bag, call a cab, clear an airport and feel yourself being pulled off the ground with a destination. Sometimes – though not often – it can also be like your body breaking the surface of the water for the first time, on your first day of a sunny vacation. Everything that clings to you is now behind you. Your past actions are what they are and there is nothing you can do but accept that for a brief period – until your next onbession that is – you are free.

I revisited some old material, hoping to find work that might match this experience. What I found was a clip in which I visualize Lydia’s  arrival in the New World, the moment she too is free to just look forward.


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