Marlies van der Meer –
I don’t want this review to be flagged with spoiler alerts, so I won’t reveal too much about the story.
But let me tell you that this book is a real page-turner; you feel this dormant tension throughout the whole story. The feeling things are going to happen. You don’t know if they concern radical changes or that it’s just life (fate) happening, so you need to keep on reading to get the answers.
And it’s not only Lydia and Paxi who do the travelling; you get to travel along with them. I was on the Ostia Antica; I walked through the streets where Yemanja lives; I sat on the sofa in Paxi’s house in Buenos Aires and so will you.
And for all those romantics there is the story of Lydia and Paxi. Is it a love story or a story of true friendship; is it a story of fate and coincidence or is there more; is it a story with a happy ending or with a dramatic end? That’s what kept me reading, even though their story is not what this book is all about.
In the end this book is about: ‘the most important thing we own is choice; the freedom, the right, to be something different from what others would condemn us to be.’ ~ Paxi

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